Saturday, October 9, 2010


one of the things i have been doing lately is "remodeling" family heirlooms into something that is fashionable and wearable now. i love taking old pieces and making them new.  family jewelry is special and one of a kind. let me know if you have some jewelry that needs some remodeling.  these items are not for sale.  just some examples of what i have done with those unique vintage pieces. 

this is one of my favorite necklaces.  the butterfly used to be my great grandmother's clip on earring. i turned it into a necklace that i can actually wear now.  the clip on earrings were just not quite as fashionable. :)

this piece was made for my community group leader.  she had an old locket that belonged to her mother. inside the locket is a picture of her grandmother. what a special piece of jewelry. i added a really neat leaf clasp to this one. 

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