Friday, July 15, 2011

a little bit of austin in little rock.

Aaron and I took a trip to Austin, TX over the week of July 4th. We had been debating on going to the beach for our summer vacation, and it just didn't seem to work out....which I was very sad about! BUT we have some family that has an absolutely beautiful lakehouse in Austin that they so graciously let us use for the week. I have been a couple of times, and LOVE Austin, but Aaron had never been. So, we decided to venture on down to Texas (even though Aaron was a little wary of going to the home of the Longhorns). We BOTH ended up loving it!! We swam at Barton Springs, kayaked in the river, ran by Town Lake, saw the infamous bats downtown, shopped, and ate some FABULOUS food! One of our favorite restaurants was a place called Hula Hut, located on Town Lake. It was the cutest little restaurant and the yummiest food. Aaron and I both ordered the fish tacos and we both loved them. I tried to recreate the yumminess here at home, and although they were not quite the same, it did feel like a little bit of Austin here at home! I found the recipe online, and added some of my own "touches".

Here are a few pictures from Hula Hut:

THE Hula Hut 

And here is the yummy recipe:

I hope you enjoy this little taste of Austin! :)