Friday, May 20, 2011

things i'm loving.....waaaaay overdue.

WOW! It has been far too long since I have posted. Life has been crazy at the Williams' household. But school is winding down and with it brings one of my very favorite seasons...summer. My crafting and around the house "to do list" is about a two pages long. We are currently in the middle of landscaping our backyard....and about to embark upon the journey of updating our kitchen!! I have absolutely loved our home! I think the funnest part about our home has been the renovations we have made. We have really been able to "make it our own". I think I have enjoyed that more than having a brand new home! I will be posting lots of pictures of our upcoming projects.

For now, I am going to share a few things that I am really loving right now. I have recently decided that I am going to start collecting cookbooks. I can seriously thumb through a cookbook over and over like it is a fashion magazine. That is strange for me to say because I have never been much of a cook, but it is something I enjoy and want to get better at. I especially love cookbooks with bright colorful pictures. 
Here are a few that I HIGHLY recommend. I have already looked through both of these about 10 times. 

You will LOVE this cookbook! The pages are beautiful and the pictures make you wish you were eating dinner with Gwyneth and her family. :)

I love all of the linens, antique silverware, and the beautiful table settings. 

The other cookbook that I love right now was given to me by a dear friend for my birthday. It is just a fun "must have" cookbook filled with classic yummies. 

Now, this is no Gwyneth health cookbook. It is good 'ole southern cooking. I just love all of the antiqued pages. It looks like it was passed down from generation to generation!

I hope you find the same bit of "happy" that I found from these cookbooks. Check back (sooner than later) for some updates!