Tuesday, August 3, 2010

summer, dont end!

Well, my summer is officially coming to an end! Things I am going to miss: sleeping in a little later, drinking my morning coffee while having my extra long quiet time, spending time with my hubby, visiting family, occasional trips to Red Mango, laying out, and just having "me time".  Buuut, I am looking forward to several things: meeting my precious new kids, seeing all my friends at work, and, being a teacher again! I do love my job!

Okay, so here is some more jewelry, possibly the last for the next month. :) If you would like anything leave a comment or e-mail me at mallory29@gmail.com

red and turquoise glass flower earrings $12

close up of previous

hand painted blue earrings $10

close up of previous

small light blue stone and leaf earrings $10

purple stone earrings $10

close up of previous

vintage pearl flower earrings $14 (SOLD OUT)

close up of previous

ice blue stone necklace $14

close up of previous

cream rose and pearl necklace $25

close up of previous


  1. Mallory! I just learned you are doing this TODAY! Adorable, cool pieces! I want the set of tiles the summer pieces are displayed on top of!!! :) (seriously)

    I am interested in the hand painted blue earrings, the ice blue glass necklace (how long is that?), and maybe another necklace from the summer set.

    Let me know if these are still available! Hope you have a wonderful class this year. :)


  2. Hi Lea!
    You are so sweet! I am so glad you like it! I have had so much fun making it all!

    Both of those are still available! The ice blue necklace is 17 inches long. so it hangs about 9 inches. It is a shorter necklace!

    Let me know what you would like and I will get it made! Thanks Lea!

    Love, Mallory